How to start:

If you still have an old bike rotting away in your garage it´s pretty simple:
Open the door, get it out of there and send it to us.

If you don´t have a bike yet (or even worse - you sold it years ago for peanuts) don´t feel down:
We will find the right one for you through our network.

You make your decision: Original restore or customized build?
In either case we will take your base bike and rebuild it realizing your ideas with our creativity.

How we work:

With you we work out what you want.

From this we design a concept of your future bike.

Then we do our work.

With skilled mechanics, with quality parts and with passion for the details.

We will send you regular reports throughout the rebuild to keep you in the loop.

When the work is done we ship the bike to you wherever you are.

Does this sound good to you?

Check out our latest Projekt "Boxerlust"

A tribute to the legendary BMW model 'R90S' -
based on a 1974 original.

Proudly exposed at first sight during
"The Timers "Motorsport Revival Festival"
in Oporto/Portugal, June 2017

(Obviously everyone has one - so have we!)

Our approach is simple, we build riding machines - good looking riding machines.

You can ride to the next coffee shop or the next country. It´s up to you.

Bikes to ride - Not to hide!